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 At Descomplica I had the challenge of developing an intern branding project called "d-lab", which at first was supposed to

be the branding of the User Studies Research Laboratoy.

After the project was done, it made everyone fell that it could become the first step of implementing a Design culture at the company. Now Descomplica offers open talks and workshops,

to improve the brazilian startup design community.

It pleased me how this project got stronger, making me happy to be part of it.

Artboard 19.png
Artboard 21.png

Art Direction: Pedro Julien

Design: Work Pio

Ux Writting: Clara Baluz

Artboard 22.png
Artboard 29.png
Artboard 48.png
Artboard 47.png
Artboard 30.png
Artboard 40.png
Artboard 41.png
Artboard 53.png
Artboard 52.png
Artboard 46.png
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